Bare Beauty & Body Therapy salon in Alderley

Bare  Beauty & Body Therapy

Introducing the unique fusion of 2 worlds.

Bare Therapies is a beauty business that has found the perfect unity for their valued clients – it’s where ‘Wellness meets Results’.

In today’s fast paced world we are all in need of the combination of ‘both worlds’ to keep well for today but also to preserve our skin for the future so we always look & feel our best.

This is where we are unique with the fusion of 2 worlds – we can offer you a holistic beauty treatment for relaxation or to treat stress & exhaustion but we can also offer you up to the minute technology to preserve your skin & body for the future years.

We understand your needs are unique, so we have sourced the best beauty treatments worldwide to bring you the finest that 2 worlds can offer.

Here’s a sample of our menu:

The need for relaxation & stress reduction
The need for maximum results in minimum time
At Bare Therapies we are proud to offer quality personal attention & expert consultations that are conducted by our advanced skin therapists. Our therapists are exceptional they have been professionally trained to listen to your needs & guide you to your desired outcome.

Our mission is to help you to feel great today, tomorrow & always.

Bare Therapies Beauty
Our values

At Bare Therapies Beauty we value:

Quality Personal Attention

When you invest your time at Bare Therapies we devote all of our attention to you; offering the assurance of expert quality service; that you deserve. Our advanced skin therapists are proud to offer you the best treatments available to welcome relaxation or if you prefer a ‘quick fix’ for troubled areas we can offer you maximum results in a minimal amount of time.

At Bare Therapies Beauty we offer the perfect unity –
The fusion of 2 worlds – its where ‘Wellness meets Results’.

Expert Consultations

We understand that your needs are unique.
Our advanced therapists are specially trained to listen to your needs, conduct through consultations & plan the best possible outcome for you. We always treat our clients with complete professionalism & offer the latest advice to address even the most complex skin concerns.
Peace & Quiet

Regardless of which treatment path you choose, your space is professionally prepared to ensure peace & quiet from the outside world. We offer beautiful treatment rooms that are private, sound proofed & air conditioned for your comfort. Your time spent with us is considered a privilege & we take all steps to ensure your comfort & needs are addressed.

We welcome you to experience a new way of beauty at Bare Therapies Beauty where we offer the perfect unity –

The fusion of 2 worlds – where ‘Wellness meets Results’.


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